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Changing Homeless Lives One Room at a Time
A LOTTA LOVE remakes and maintains homeless shelter & crisis center rooms to be welcoming, safe, comforting spaces for the people who need them.

At A Lotta Love, we create an environment that helps people feel seen, comforted, and safe as they enter a homeless shelter or crisis center.


Visit A Lotta Love's new YouTube channel to see how our work impacts the community.  Contact for any further questions.


The A Lotta Love team works with shelters that provide housing, food, and support to the underserved, underprivileged, and under-represented.  Our community's success starts with listening to each others' needs.  We all have the privilege to rise by lifting others -- someone's income or housing or heritage has nothing to do with the amount of dignity they deserve.  Let's work together to make change in our communities.

As shelters recover from the covid-19 crisis, we are slowly re-entering rooms for remodeling where possible.  For spaces we still cannot go in to work, we continue to provide "Room Kits" with decor plus essential linens & toiletries.  We continue to communicate constantly with our shelter partners to discuss their immediate needs and long-term strategies in this challenging time.


Artwork by Vicky Barone

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