Our Story

Many people living in our society are not even aware that there are Women and Children Homeless shelters in our beautiful towns. In 2015, NCCEH estimated over 10,000 homeless people in our state of NC alone. Thousands of children are homeless – unfortunately an increasing number. In Wake County alone there are 2600 homeless children! Most shelters are run without Federal funding and they are kept open by private donations alone. 

A Lotta Love, from the beginning called Donate a Room, started in 2014 to support HomeStart, the only Women and children shelter in Chapel Hill, Orange County NC. Homestart is run by the Inter-Faith Council, a social service organization that also runs the men’s shelter in Chapel Hill as well as a Food Pantry. It services Orange county since 1963.  While necessities such as shelter, meals and health services are met there’s simply not any funds for any furnishings beyond the basics.

A Lotta Love’s mission is to empower women and their children to reclaim their pride while living in this temporary environment. With your help, we can breathe life into these sterile rooms and give them “a home away from home”.  We design rooms especially for the families and when they leave, they bring their rooms with them.

That’s why we need your continuous support.

We are reaching out to shelters all over NC. Another of our goals is to raise awareness about homelessness by reaching out to Schools. Universities, Companies, Congregations and citizens. We want to spread circles on the water and inspire others to start chapters of A Lotta Love.

We collaborate with IFC to change one shelter at a time. Currently we are working with the following Shelters; Homestart Chapel Hill, Families Moving Forward Durham, The Wrenn House Raleigh and Interact Raleigh.

For more information about IFC (our fiscal agent), please visit the IFC website: www.ifcweb.org.